Roast 440 is our own brand of coffee, designed with independent coffee shops, cafes, pubs, restaurants and hotels in mind. Our experts are painstaking about every aspect of Roast 440, the origin of the beans, the roasting process, the blends we create... That's why you can be confident of delivering a perfect cup of coffee every time.


440°F is the optimum roasting temperature for coffee beans. Less heat would fail to release the maximum flavour and aroma. More heat can cause burning leading to bitterness.


Roast 440 provides a high-quality range of coffee beans and filter coffees to suit every taste, with a variety of roasts plus single origin and Rainforest Alliance options. Each blend has been carefully selected and balanced, using the finest coffee beans for each application. 


Best of all, Roast 440 means your margins will be as satisfying as your coffee.


Roast 440 coffee beans are roasted with precision to extract the truest flavours and create fabulous coffee. 


There are two main types of coffee bean, Arabica and Robusta. We use both, sometimes pure, sometimes in blends, to achieve a range of strengths and flavours.


  • Arabica beans are sweeter with a softer taste, more complex flavours and fruity, sugary notes. Much cleaner acidity. 

  • Robusta beans are stronger, with a grainier taste and higher caffeine content. This bean produces an espresso with more crema, making for increased mouthfeel - which is why Robusta tends to be used in traditional espresso blends.


We travel the world sourcing the highest quality beans wherever they grow, from Brazil and Colombia to Ethiopia, India and Central America. Then we create blends in which the different strengths and flavours work harmoniously together, enabling you to offer the perfect coffee for every application.